What Are The Most Popular Auto Racing Board Games For Car Lovers?

Racing games are quite popular and there is a certain section of people who are in love with racing games. This is one popular game theme that is followed by car lovers. However when it comes to board games there are some popular racing games. Here are some popular racing board games:

Formula D


According to popular board game website BoaGam.Net, yhis is one popular and most played board racing game of all time. The game was designed by Eric Randall and Laurent Lavaur, was published by Asmodée Editions. It is still the most popular auto racing game available in the market. It was formerly known as Formula De but later changed to Formula D, makes use of creative gear changing method. Dicing the roll helps in determining the gear, navigating the turns can be tricky at times. Keep a watch on your tires. There are numerous tracks available which includes both actual track and city courses from around the world. This is must for all auto car racing fans.



Another popular board racing game was designed by Jean-Christophe Bouvier and published by Rallyman. It is one of the smartest and clever racing games that simulates rally racing. It makes every race against clock rather heading against each other. The unique feature and specilties of Rallyman are its unique dice, modular game boards and forced decisions that are based on risk makes Rallyman the best amongst auto board games.

Detroit Cleveland Grand Prix

grand prix

Image credits: Boagam Strategy games

A popular board racing game that has been designed by Wolfgang Kramer and published by Mayfair games meant for players of all age group of eight years. There is no dice in this particular board game but player use special cards for moving cars across the turf. The game starts with bidding on respective cars and is dealt with handful of various colorful cards. There are arrow passages and interesting lanes which make the game quite popular.


pitch car

It is a power packed racing game that is ideal for individuals above the age of six. Jean du Poel designed the game and it was published by Ferti. There is a wooden track which can be put together in different manner, players a start flicking wooden disc all around the track. Once disc flies out from the track the player loses his or her turn. The winner is the one who crosses finishing line first after certain number of laps. The game is filled with laughter and is quite exciting for all.

Formula Motor Racing

motor racing

Another popular board racing game and is being played by many of different ages. It is one of the most abstracted racing games compared to all in the list. Every player gets two car of same color and the starting point is randomly determined. There are total 12 cars taking part in the ace and it may happen that a neutral car winning the race. Every car adjusts other position in an effective manner. The player who acquires the maximum point wins the race, often multiple races are held and scores are combined.


How To Prevent Cops From Searching Your Car

One of the top excuses that police officers use to illegally search your vehicle when they pull you over is that they smell marijuana coming from your car, even though you haven’t smoked any marijuana in your car. The marijuana they claim to smell gives them the probable cause they need to search your car, which can result in them finding something that they weren’t supposed to find, and getting you in trouble, because they illegally searched your car.

If you haven’t been smoking marijuana in your car, you should have nothing to be afraid of, if a cop says they smell marijuana coming from your car, just stay calm, and let them know that you haven’t been smoking marijuana, and you don’t have marijuana in your car. If the officer wants to search your car, tell him calmly that you don’t have anything to hide, but you do not consent to searches.

police searching

Some officers pretend to smell marijuana in your car just to see how you react, if you act nervous, they will know that something is wrong. Some officers also use the way you dress and the type of car you drive to size you up, if you know that you or your car fits the “stoner” stereotype; make sure that there is nothing that can incriminate you in your car, because your car will likely be searched due to some bogus probable cause. if you want to read more about police tricks that are used to search your car, check out this link.

Another thing you have to know is that the number one cause of avoidable arrests is smoking or vaporizing marijuana in a car, or public place, which is very unnecessary, we aren’t here to judge or condemn anyone that smokes, but you can save yourself some trouble by smoking at home, or at a friend’s place, as long as it isn’t when you are behind the wheels, because you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk, and are also putting whoever is riding with you at risk.


You also run the risk of getting arrested for something you forgot was in the car, it could be a bottle of liquor that a friend left in the car a week ago, portable vaporizer pen with marijuana or a licensed weapon that belongs to your friend that was left in your car by accident. If you get pulled over while smoking with these things in the car, you will go from getting charged with a misdemeanor, to probably facing felony charges, just because you had to smoke in the car.


Audi RS4 Avant Paintball Duel

Audi did one of the coolest things any automobile manufacturer has ever done, they attached paintball guns to two of their new RS4 Avants, and let the drivers have a paintball duel in an empty warehouse.

The paintball duel is a marketing campaign to introduce consumers to the latest edition of the RS4 Avant, which is also sort of a tease, because the cars are only available in Europe. We don’t know how they came up with the idea of mounting paintball guns on the hoods of the cars, but we do know that it not only makes us want to buy an RS4 Avant, but to also go play some paintball.

The paintball duel video is set up like an old school video game like the Nintendo, there is a cartoonish scoreboard for each car on both corners of the screen, and 80’s classic “Push it to the limit” playing in the background.

As seen on, there is a black RS4 and a white RS4 going up against each other, the white RS4 fires yellow paintballs, and the black RS4 fires blue paintballs. Both cars go at each other, hiding behind cardboard boxes and chasing each other down, they also added a few wrinkles to the paintball duel, the black RS4 spills some paint on the floor like you see in James Bond movies, causing the white RS4 to spin out, and a little bit later, the white RS4 driver drops a paintball bomb on the floor, which explodes on the black RS4, spilling yellow paint all over the front of the car.

The back and forth between the two cars was very entertaining, it was also a demonstration of how well the RS4 handles, because the drivers were driving pretty fast, and making sharp turns, without losing control of the cars.

The Audi RS4 Avant might look like a family car because it is a wagon, but it packs a lot of power, it has a 420 horsepower V8 engine that can go from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds, which is why it is a very appealing car to a lot of people.

It is unfortunate that the Audi RS4 Avant is only available in Europe, because there are a lot of drivers who appreciate the quality of Audi cars all over the world. As compensation for Audi enthusiasts like myself, who don’t live in Europe, they should hold an RS4 paintball duel competition, with the winner winning a brand new RS4 Avant.

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Audi RS4 gas mileage:

fast car testosterone

Fast Cars Boost Testosterone Levels in Men

Men usually buy fast cars because they are stylish, and they attract the attention of women. Apparently, there is another benefit to buying fast cars, which is boosting your testosterone levels.

According to scientists, driving a fast car boosts production of testosterone levels in men, while driving an old beat up car actually make the levels drop. This revelation helps to explain why men who are having a mid life crisis tend to buy sports cars or fast motorcycles.

There was a research conducted at the Concordia University in Montreal, which used 39 young men in their study. The researchers allowed each man to drive a $120,000 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet for one hour, after which they are allowed to drive a 16 year old Toyota Camry for another hour.


The researchers collected saliva samples from the men, and tests show that there was a significant increase in their testosterone levels when they were driving around in the Porsche, but no effect, and in some cases a slight decline in testosterone levels when they were driving the old Camry.

As reported by, the researchers found that the highest increase in testosterone levels occurred when the men were driving through town, where there were a lot of potential female admirers, but there was still an increase when they were on the open road with nobody watching.

According to the researchers the effects that men get from driving fast cars is a form of sexual signaling, which is where men compete for the attention of the opposite sex. After the research was completed, the scientists found that testosterone levels were more responsive when the men were driving the brand new Porsche, than when they were driving the Toyota Camry. They added that endowing men with a car that not too many people can afford prompted the men’s testosterone levels to rise significantly.

lamborghini fuel

In addition to their findings in regards to fast cars raising testosterone levels, other research that has been previously conducted show that there are other factors that can significantly raise a man’s testosterone levels. The color red, for example, especially when worn by a football team, may give the team a significant advantage over their opponents, because the color red may boost testosterone.

In another study, it was noted that teams that are playing in front of their fans may see a rise in their testosterone levels, which helps to explain the home field advantage that teams have when they play at their home stadiums.

The one thing you can take from these research findings is that if you are feeling down, and feel you need a testosterone boost, a fast car might just be what you need to get you out of that funk, and if you can’t afford to buy a brand new car, you can always rent one, or go for a test drive in one.



Gas Guzzler Tax and Financial Penalties

The gas guzzler tax was enacted in 1978, in the midst of a fuel crisis that the country faced; the purpose of the law was to encourage car manufacturers to make more gas efficient cars, by levying financial penalties on the manufacturers. While the financial penalties worked in the 1970’s, they have proven to be ineffective today, because car manufacturers have found loopholes that they can exploit.

Even though there are stricter fuel economy standards that demand major improvements in efficiency, there are fewer cars incurring the financial penalties, mostly due to technological advances.

Technological advances have allowed car manufacturers to make cars that are still powerful, but aren’t considered gas guzzlers by the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Some of the new technologies employed by automakers include hybrid powertrains, lightweight structures, advanced transmissions, and smaller turbo charged engines.

bugatti veyron fuel efficiency

Numbers from the Internal Revenue Services also show the decrease in the number of cars incurring the financial penalties, in 2006; the IRS collected $201.7 million from the gas guzzler tax, but only collected $73.5 million from the tax in 2012.

The reduction in the amount of cars that are paying the gas guzzler tax is due to the fact that automakers are making improvements to the cars that they are manufacturing, the newer cars being made have better fuel economy, without having to sacrifice the power that they have. The problem is that the gas guzzler tax has not been updated since 1990, so it isn’t as effective with the new cars being made today, so it isn’t as effective in promoting efficiency as it was in the past, and isn’t generating the type of revenue it used to.

The gas guzzler tax is generally levied on passenger cars that have a fuel economy rating of less than 22.5 miles per gallon, which is measured by the testing procedure of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but the rules are complicated because the mileage number that is displayed on a car is derived by a different method, which gives numbers that are 20-25 percent lower, which means a car that has a fuel economy of 21 miles per gallon may not incur the tax.


The tax starts at $1,000, and goes up to $7,700 for cars that get less than 12.5 miles per gallon, but there isn’t any car that is taxed at the highest rate. The money is paid to the IRS by the automakers, who in turn pass it on to their buyers by adding it to the price of the car.

The car that pays the highest tax rate in the country is the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, which has 16 cylinders, and gets 10 miles per gallon. The unadjusted rating for the car is 12.6 miles per gallon, so the automakers don’t have to pay the $7,700 tax, but still have to pay $6,400, which isn’t much compared to the $2.3 million price tag.

Further proof of why the gas guzzler tax needs to be updated is the fact that pickup trucks and SUVs aren’t subject to the tax, because when it was passed in 1978, trucks were used mainly for commercial purposes. Since the law was restricted to cars, people started buying trucks and SUVs, to avoid paying the tax.

There are no immediate plans to review the gas guzzler tax, but legislators need to take another look at it because it needs to be updated, and it can help generate more revenue.